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It takes a lot of passion and know-how to build homes that feel – and are – special! As a two-generational family run business we’ve been building exceptional living spaces in Edmonton for over 20 years. Keeping design, craftsmanship and fine features standard, we are elevating our new home builds into eco-friendly, energy-efficient smart homes! We aim to transform your vision of a new, high-performance home into reality.

We understand today’s consumer demand for resource-efficiency with awareness to the environment and our responsibilities in protecting it – lessening the overall carbon footprint from construction to ownership. Our clients expect that the homes they purchase and live in will use materials and products wisely to provide a healthy, harm-free indoor environment saving you money now and in the future … without compromising lifestyle, layout and elegance.

Your investment in a Lyonsdale Homes will not only feel cozy and sheltering (quite stylishly we have to say …), but will also gives you and your family the pride of lowering your environmental impact. You will enjoy monthly operational cost savings, and the integration of smart features keeping you – the homeowner –  both informed and in control of your property, whether at home or away.

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From quick possession to custom builds, we don’t construct average houses … we innovatively craft meticulously designed homes – defined by you and styled for the way you live!

A Healthier, More Durable Home with Economic Benefits


BUILT GREEN® homes, Edmonton, Spruce Grove

As the homeowner of a BUILT GREEN® certified house, you will enjoy a healthier, more durable home with lower environmental impact, plus economic benefits.

Our third-party program takes a holistic approach to sustainable building that includes energy efficiency and goes beyond to materials and  methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. In addition, our certification program for single family projects has 2-in-1 benefits: an EnerGuide label and a BUILT GREEN® label.